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Meet Isla Cocinas, a paradise near Puerto Vallarta

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Oct 3 of 2018 By Alfredo Núñez

Meet Isla Cocinas, a paradise near Puerto Vallarta

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Meet Isla Cocinas, a paradise just two hours away from Puerto Vallarta
Oct 3 of 2018 By Alfredo Núñez

Isla Cocinas is a paradisiacal destination near Puerto Vallarta, its charm lies in the perfect combination of crystal clear waters and white sand.

If you are staying in a hotel in Puerto Vallarta all inclusive you will just need a single day to discover it. Keep reading and learn more..

Where is Isla Cocinas?

The small island is located in Punta Perula, in the heart of Costa Alegre, just a little more thsn two hours from Puerto Vallarta.

To get to the island from the port you need to travel by land to Punta Perula and from there take a boat to be transported by sea to the island; the ride lasts approximately 20 minutes.

The activities you can do on the island

The activities you can do on the island

The sea of ​​the island is quite calm and its waters are very crystalline so it is ideal for snorkeling and swimming.

You can also simply enjoy the wonderful view, take the sun (in moderation and always applying sunscreen), walk and roam around the area, as well as to take spectacular photos.

Tips to Visit Isla Cocinas

Isla Cocinas is a virgin area, that means that it has no constructions in its territory and in its surroundings there is only sea, so you do not have options to get food or drink. For this reason we suggest that before you move to your destination you fill your bag and backpack with enough provisions .

We also recommend you to carry sunscreen, a parasol and towels to be installed in some area of ​​the island.

It is very important that when you leave Isla Cocinas you pick up all the garbage that you generated during your stay. Take it with you until you are in an area where there are containers, in this way you will be a responsible tourist and you’ll be taking care of environment.

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Extra information

One of the smartest things to do in Puerto Vallarta is to book in an all-inclusive hotel, there you have the possibility of refreshing yourself with unlimited drinks after a hot day, as well as satisfying your hunger with exquisite dishes; you will also be able to keep having fun in the facilities of the complex and sleep in a comforting room.

As you may have noticed Isla Cocinas is a lovely place that you should visit on your next trip to Puerto Vallarta. By the way, do not forget to take your camera, take many pictures and share your albums on our Facebook page, we would like to see them!

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